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Welcome to the Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic Website!

Herbal Medicine is the world's oldest and most widely-used health system. Humans and animals have evolved alongside plants and have healed many ailments through using plants as food and medicine.

As an accredited Clinical Herbalist, I am professionally trained to address health needs, both chronic and acute, with plant medicines, diet and lifestyle recommendations. The first consultation usually takes 1-1½ hours and I take a full health history. The client discusses any present health concerns, only disclosing what they feel comfortable with. There is no pressure. I work with the client to develop an individualized health care plan, which may include herbal tinctures (extracts), teas, ointments, creams and flower essences (homeopathic remedies for emotional issues). We also discuss lifestyle and dietary changes. The session is followed up with a typed account of client recommendations which is e-mailed to the client. The first session is followed by a follow-up session, usually several weeks to a month later.

For consultations, contact: