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My first interaction with Amanda Dainow and the Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic was as a student of Herbal Medicine. Amanda Dainow is now my Herbalist and is helping me rebalance my health. I chose Singing Nettles for many reasons: Amanda is very knowledgeable in her field, is willing to share her knowledge with her students and patients, and is very professional and passionate about herbs and their capacities for healing. Proceeds from the clinic help support North Mountain Animal Sanctuary, a cause close to my heart, and Amanda understands the complexities of diet and nutrition and their impacts on health and well being. I would definitely recommend Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic and Herbalist Amanda Dainow to anyone looking to alternative and natural medicines to cure what ails them.

―Annette McLellan

Very satisfied with your products, the bug spray worked like magic, more effective than the supermarket chemical stuff.

―Andrew Mortimer

Amanda's workshop on Fall Roots and how to use them was really interesting. She obviously has a passion for her vocation and presents the information such that what ever your level of understanding of the subject, that you will gain insights for yourself. There was a slideshow presentation followed by a visit to her natural garden to dig up dandelion and other roots so that we could see first hand what we were dealing with. We ended the workshop with a cup of herbal based hot chocolate and home made marshmallows from the marshmallow plant. No neon pink in sight! Thanks Amanda, a great workshop, recommended.


I’m a 35-year-old female who has suffered from chronic pain since 1998. I thought I would tell you a little bit about how I acquired the pain, how I dealt with it in the past, and how Amanda Dainow has helped me to deal with this currently in such a small period of time. It has been around 12 years since my car accident. A drunk driver hit me during a head on collision. My heart stopped twice and it took the jaws of life 4 hours to get me out. I suffered multiply injuries including a fractured zigoma (cheek bone), cut my head and hands and also broke my knee. They thought they were going to have to amputate my leg because my kneecap was on the floor of the car. It took me a year to learn how to walk again. Since this car accident my life has changed dramatically, there isn’t a day that goes by without pain. I had to learn new ways to cope that was when hard drug use and abuse become a major problem in my life. Regular pain relievers stopped working so I started drinking and doing drugs.

I am now finally clean and drug free after years of damage. Every year when it snows, I normally suffer from severe arthritis in my legs and hips. I have stopped receiving cortisone shots because my doctor feels that over long-term use they are damaging, so in the last few months my hips and legs have been bothering me beyond belief. This is the worst pain ever and I felt that there was no cure. I have been from doctor to doctor and having an addictive personality I managed to get hooked on oxycotin. This is when a family member introduced me to Amanda Dainow, at that time I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my back which has had the S1 nerve root wrapped in it. The pain has been unbearable, I have had no reflexes in my right leg, no feeling and I was left unable to walk properly. I have exhausted every doctor, medication and physio and was left unable to afford chiropractor treatment. I am on a 12 month waiting list to see an orthopedic surgeon. I have never met Amanda, because I live far away from her. I had a consultation with her on the telephone and received her herbal advice. I am struggling with debt, and she has been helping me with my health problems by practicing distance Reiki. At first I thought it was crazy to even try this, but it is totally amazing. It actually works. In just three days, my back doesn’t hurt, my buttocks are feeling better and the feeling in my foot is coming back slowly. I have never experienced something so amazing, I thought I was going to lose my leg, the use of my leg or be paralyzed.

If you are a person who is suffering from chronic pain, I highly recommend Amanda Dainow. She is like a guardian angel in the night; while I was sleeping she was fixing my pain. She has many talents including a herbal remedy to quit smoking, it tastes awful but actually works. It took my craving away for at least 30 mins and I’m a very heavy smoker. I cannot wait to meet Amanda and explore more herbal health remedies; I feel this is the way to go.

Wow, who would have ever thought straying away from conventional medicine could be so beneficial. I’m an incomplete quadriplegic amputee and all the conventional med’s have had an adverse effect on my body, making me gain weight, lose weight, lose appetite, lose hair, constipation and the list could go on for another 20 minutes and these are just some of the non-life threatening side effects. I’m sure we all read the pamphlet we get with our prescriptions warning us of the serious to life threatening side effects most drugs carry with them. Yet we take them and feed more money into a greedy ,money hungry pharmaceutical industry who don’t care about our health & well being they only worry about what they’re annual budget will be. After my consult with Amanda I felt more at peace with the treatment plan she had suggested to help with my many many health issues and the cost of her tonics are affordable and safe to take with no serious side effects like the conventional pharmaceuticals carry.

My many thanks to Amanda for her suggestions and life altering practice.

―David Hipson

During the winter of 2010/11, I experienced a period of severe nausea along with lower abdomen pain as a result of a bacterial infection. After several types of antibiotics, the nausea and pain persisted. That is when I contacted Amanda at Singing Nettles who put together a tincture which provided relief within days. The nausea and pain are now gone, thankfully!! This was my first experience with a Clinical Herbalist and I won't hesitate to consult with Amanda in future if required.

―Larry Wilson, Dartmouth NS

I would like to say that, working with an organic herbalist has been an eye opening experience, I have been using herbal tinctures for over a month and I feel so much more balanced, both emotionally and physically. Knowing that the medicines I am prescribed are from the earth and all natural, makes me feel more connected with my environment and I do not have to worry about the adverse side effects, which are associated with many medications prescribed by physicians.

I just want to get across that I feel so much better, and the herbs have really helped to manage my anxiety and my digestive problems that I have been experiencing for over three years. I have also shyed away from "pills" to manage my anxiety and am very excited that there are other more helpful ways to deal with these issues using more natural ingredients.

Thanks Amanda!

―Lindsay Hunt

I am so pleased that I viewed Amanda Dainow on live at five. She has made a difference in my life. I suffered from tired leg syndrome, and also a mild case of depression. After using the tincture for the past two months, I have total relief in my legs, I feel more at ease with my self. As well I also had panic attacks which I have noticed a big difference. I am very active, I do zumba exercise two times a week. I have noticed that I have a boost of energy. I feel like a young chick again, not like a 56 year old lady. I am so grateful for everything Amanda has done for me.


―Claudine Chevarie, St. Ignace NB

Dear Amanda,

I would like to thank you for your excellent care in helping me deal with my health problems. I had tried conventional sources but was having no luck at all, despite prescriptions and over the counter remedies. You were very thorough and caring in your approach and your holistic mode of treatment was appropriate to the situation. I also really appreciated that you were able to work with me by phone, as I was unable to come to your clinic. This flexibility really helped. The tonic you made for me arrived really quickly – thank you for sending it by ExpressPost! - and I found it made a big difference to how I felt. I would happily recommend you to anyone for your excellent care and thorough knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine.

My best wishes to you in your new clinic and all the best for your future practice.

―Katie Yeoman

As a teenager I required knee surgery after a devastating sports injury. Although limited from certain activities, with a brace I had been able to play sports for many years. Two months ago I twisted my injured knee, which caused much pain and would not heal despite my resting it and use of brace. As someone interested in natural health care and not wanting to visit a hospital again, I contacted Amanda and found her to be very professional and knowledegable regarding my injury. I had a session that was very thorough, and decided to follow her advice and proceeded with a special treatment of natural compresses on my knee. I found within 24 hours that I had regained much of my range of movement, and within several days I was back to normal!

I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone interested in using plant medicine and natural health care to heal, and especially to those with muscular or joint issues like myself. I will not hesitate to see her again.

―Alexander Grant

At the age of 23 I realised that I had high blood pressure. Until I was 28 years old I did not bother but after I went to my family doctor he made me pass a few tests and he put me on high blood pressure pills. My blood pressure was around 156/107 pretty often. A few weeks after I started taking these pills I started to have headaches and I felt like I was going to faint sometimes. My doctor wanted to change my prescription and I told him that I wanted to go natural. I communicated with Amanda Dainow knowing that she is an herbal specialist. She made me a tincture for all my symptoms, and ever since I have been feeling a lot better, my blood pressure is mostly normal. I have no more headaches. Also, there are no side effects. It is like the saying, "it tastes bad but it works". :)

I am so grateful to Amanda for helping me to get back to normal. Thanks!!!

―Albert Chevarie, Little Aldouane NB