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Gentle Health Alternatives for Companion Animals

There is a rapidly growing interest in natural health care for animals. There are some excellent reference books on this subject which can help you naturally heal your animal companions at home. This can save a lot of money on vet bills and decrease the number of visits to the vet which can cause considerable stress to the animal. This also reduces the chance of side effects, such as those of traditional medical treatments. Natural health care focuses on prevention of disease through maintenance of good health. Many of the natural health methods used for people can be applied to animals. Acupuncture and acupressure have been shown to be very helpful for animals, especially in cases of arthritis. I use an acupressure method to calm down my dog. I am practicing the Tellington Ttouch on my animals, which is a gentle method of different strokes to alleviate pain, swelling and fear, aggression and other behavioral and emotional issues in both animals and people. It has been used on wild and domestic animals of many species by trainers and animal lovers all over the world. I am also using The Healing Touch massage technique, which can be used as a general therapeutic massage to strengthen the connection between you and your companion animals, enhance their body wisdom or the body's ability to heal itself, release tension and relax them. It can also be used for diagnostic massage, to find indications of illness or injury.

Herbs can be used and are appropriate for farm animals who eat a lot of plant matter in their natural diet. Flower essences, particularly the Bach Rescue Remedy, are wonderful for all animals who suffer from trauma, stress, travel difficulties, and fear, such as the uncontrollable shaking terror which some animals have during thunderstorms. I have used this with my dog for thunderstorms and he no longer shakes and pants-he calms down immediately. Homeopathic medicine is wonderful for companion animals. In small doses, it can be used for a wide range of health issues. Of course, these methods all help, but as with people, the most important factors affecting health are regular exercise (especially for dogs, and especially outdoors) and diet. A wholesome, nutritious, natural diet which is appropriate for the species of animal and that specific animal is necessary to maintain health. Unfortunately, most companion animals’ and even farm animals’ diets consist of slaughterhouse by-products from animals who have been systematically abused, tortured and have been fed a diet full of toxins. This is cruel, and from an energetic perspective, why would we want our animal friends to ingest this suffering? Clean air and water and limited exposure to chemicals such as those in air pollution and pesticides are also important.

There are some excellent vets who are trained in both conventional veterinary medicine and natural complementary therapies, which can be used together. The natural medicines can enhance the effectiveness of conventional medical treatments, and lessen side effects. Our vet gave our dog a homeopathic detox remedy after he came out of the anesthetic to have his teeth cleaned, and he was not groggy or sick.

I am an accredited Clinical Herbalist and have Certification in Holistic Care for Companion Animals. I have also taken Natural First Aid for Cats and Dogs. I am trained in the Natural Health practices for animals, which I am going to apply to the animals in our sanctuary, North Mountain Animal Sanctuary. I was also an Animal Care Worker at the Kings County SPCA, and I have fostered two kittens for them.

If you are interested in a health session for your animal companion or yourself, I will work with you to develop an individualized health plan, which may include herbal medicines, diet and lifestyle recommendations. If you have any questions or would like a health consultation for yourself, or advice on your animal companions, consultations are available in person in Annapolis Valley, by phone or skype.

Amanda has presented numerous workshops on Holistic Care for Animals.