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What Makes Amanda Unique

Amanda is a unique natural health practitioner, devoted to excellent client care. She has genuine compassion and commitment to improving the health of people and animals alike. Amanda applies an honest, ethical approach to patient health care that puts the client first. Her kindness, sincerity, and honesty create a healing experience that is gentle and highly effective. Amanda demonstrates loyalty to her clients that goes above and beyond the standard to address the most serious health issues. Her knowledge and experience as a Clinical Herbalist is of the highest calibre.

Amanda is a natural teacher, providing clear, concise information that is beneficial and easy to understand. Amanda represents a higher standard in natural health care, where safe, effective natural health care is a priority. Amanda integrates her skills and donates her time in her role as Director of North Mountain Animal Sanctuary, a registered charity for abused, neglected, and unwanted farm animals. Through this position, Amanda has extensive experience effectively addressing both acute and chronic health issues with animals.

As an accredited Clinical Herbalist, Amanda is professionally trained to address health needs, both chronic and acute, with plant medicines, diet and lifestyle recommendations. For consultations, contact:

Amanda also has Certification in Holistic Care for Companion Animals. She is the Founder and Director of North Mountain Animal Sanctuary and the Natural Medicine Standards/Compliance Committee of Nova Scotia.

Amanda has been studying, making and using herbal medicine for 18 years. She has been involved in every step of the process, from planting the herb seeds and watering them in an indoor greenhouse, to transplanting them outdoors to receive direct sunlight and rain, to watching them grow and develop, to harvesting and transforming them into medicine. Amanda is the Annapolis Valley's only Clinical Herbalist. She offers public workshops on Herbal Medicine and Natural Care for Animals. She has a full dispensary.

In addition to a 4-year degree in Clinical Herbal Medicine, Amanda has continued her education through courses in Herbal Medicine with a number of local herbalists and professional workshops. Amanda has given numerous workshops on Herbal Medicine and Natural Animal Care. She also gives plant walks. She keeps a full dispensary of tinctures (alcoholic extracts), herbal oils and flower essences.

Amanda has successfully used herbal medicine, homeopathy and flower essences with companion animals for a number of years, and finds them to be safe, reliable, affordable and accessible methods of treating animal ailments with little to no risk.

Amanda is trained in Reiki and offers sessions to both people and animals. Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of channeling the Healing Life Force or Energy through the body, releasing physical/emotional/spiritual blockages. Amanda has already witnessed a number of healing miracles through Reiki on herself, her family, friends, and animals.

She applies her knowledge and skills of natural healing to the animals in our care at North Mountain Animal Sanctuary.

Amanda looks forward to helping you on your path to Natural Health!